Quay 4-H members compete at district


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Quay County 4-H first place novice Home Economics Bowl Team Dyson Clark, Dylan Ross, Natalie Hayes, and Tianna Peterson.


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Quay County 4-H first place junior Wildlife Team Dylon Szaloy, Kaleb Hayes, Jonathan Clark, and Kyle Hamilton.


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Quay County 4-H first place novice Rifle Team Tianna Peterson, Gares Lopez, Garrett Bollinger, and Kelsey Marrow.

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There were 25 4-Hers from Quay County competing at the Southeast District 4-H Contest in Portales.
“Quay County’s 9- to 13-year-old 4-Hers are well on their way to becoming great leaders and during the district contest they discovered on the eight day ‘So God Made a 4-H’er’ to take care of our land, animals, and families,” said Brenda Bishop, 4-H coordinator for the Quay County area.
Novice 4-H’ers, who are 9 to 11 years old,  and Junior 4-H’ers, who are 12 and 13 years old, competed in the following contests:
Novice Air Rifle team — Second place members Gares Lopez, Colten Runyan, Tianna Peterson, and Garrett Bollinger.  Tianna was second high individual and Garrett was third.
Junior Air Rifle team — Placed second with members Jordyn Stowe, Kaleb Hayes, and Jonathon Clark.  Jordyn was fifth high individual.
Novice Archery (using a compound bow with sights and release  — Team of Garrett Bollinger, Henry Molyneaux, Tianna Peterson, and Jason Knight placed first with Tianna third-high individual and Garrett fourth-high.
Junior Archery (using a compound bow with sights and release)  — Team of Kyle Knight, Kyle Hamilton, Dyson Clark and Chase Hittson placed second with Kyle Knight the fifth high individual.
Novice Archery (shooting a recurve bow)  —  Dylan Ross placed third.
Novice Consumer Decision Making — Team of Tianna Peterson, Dylan Ross and Natalie Hayes placed first and the team of Madison Dysart, Joey Dysart, and Dyson Clark placed second.  Tianna Peterson was first-high individual, Natalie Hayes second-high, Dylan Ross third high, and Dyson Clark fourth-high.
Junior Entomology — Team of Rebecca Rush, Amber Rivera, and Cameron Hendrix placed second with Rebecca Rush as the first-high individual and Amber Rivera as fourth-high.
Novice Home Economics Bowl — Team won two nail-biter rounds to win the top spot.  The team was Natalie Hayes, Tianna Peterson, Dylan Ross, and Dyson Clark.
Novice Home Economics Skill-a-thon — Team of Tianna Peterson, Natalie Hayes, Amber Rivera, and Dylan Ross placed first and the team of Joey Dysart, Madison Dysart, and Kelsey Morrow placed fourth.  Tianna was first high individual, Natalie Hayes was third and Amber Rivera was fourth.
Junior Horse Bowl — Team of Amber Rivera, Rebecca Rush, Jonathon Clark and Taalyah Szaloy placed second in a tight game.
Novice Horse Judger — Amber Rivera was third-high individual.
Junior Horse Judger — Rebecca Rush was second-high individual.
Novice Horticulture — Team of Natalie Hayes, Dylan Ross and Tate Hill placed second and the team of Amber Rivera, Dyson Clark, Tianna Peterson, and Jenna Lopez placed third.  Natalie Hayes was four th-high individual.
Junior Horticulture — Team of Kaleb Hayes, Dylan Szaloy, Kyle Hamilton and Rebecca Rush placed third and Kaleb Hayes was fifth-high individual.
Junior Livestock Judging — Team of Dylan Szaloy, Taalyan Szaloy, Tate Hill and Kindal Smith placed third and Dylan Szaloy was fifth-high individual.
Junior Livestock Skill-a-thon — Team of Kyle Knight, Kyle Hamilton, and Jonathon Clark placed third.
Novice Parliamentary Procedure — Team of Gares Lopez, Jenna Lopez, Joey Dysart, Madison Dysart, Dyson Clark and Garrett Bollinger placed first.
Novice General Presentations — Gares Lopez placed first and Jenna Lopez placed second.
Novice Rifle — Team of Garrett Bollinger, Gares Lopez, Tianna Peterson, and Kelsey Morrow placed first.  Tianna was first-high individual and Garrett Bollinger was second high.
Junior Rifle — Team of Jordyn Stowe, Jonathan Clark, and Kaleb Hayes placed second.  Jordyn was second-high individual and Kaleb Hayes was fifth.
Novice Wildlife — Team of Amber Rivera, Cameron Hendrix, Taalyah Szaloy and Dylan Ross placed third.
Junior Wildlife — Team of Kaleb Hayes, Jonathan Clark, Kyle Hamilton, and Dylon Szaloy placed first.  Kaleb was high point individual and Kyle was fourth high.

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