State Police Seize 256 Pounds of Marijuana

A routine traffic stop for following too closely resulted in the seizure of 256 pounds of marijuana and a sport utility vehicle on June 4, New Mexico State Police Sgt. Rigo Chavarria said. The marijuana was found hidden in the 2003 Tahoe SUV, Chavarria said, after police became suspicious. A police dog detected the drug, […]

Tucumcari, 2 Local Brothers, Featured in VW Bus Documentary

It's a tale of new social media, old Volkswagen mini-buses, new friends and old-fashioned doing things for other people, even strangers—and old Route 66. And then there's the movie. The movie was the whole point. Christian and Levi Mericle, two Tucumcari brothers, found themselves in the thick of all this, and they're attending the premiere […]

Officials concerned water project could affect tourism

Despite an 8 percent increase in visitors to Ute Lake near Logan over the Memorial Day weekend, state and local officials are concerned about misconceptions surrounding the Ute Water Project, and their potential impact on recreational visits to the lake. The total number of people who visited Ute Lake State Park during the holiday weekend […]

Prosecutor says he’s pressing for September homicide trial

Tenth District Prosecuting Attorney Tim Rose said he is ready to start the trial of Tony Day, the Tucumcari youth accused of killing his adoptive mother and stepsister on Nov. 26. Rose said he is pressing for a September trial. "We're ready now," Rose said. The defense, however, continues to ask for more time. In […]

New facility likely aided lower unemployment numbers

Quay County's 5.3-percent unemployment rate for April, the lowest reading recorded in nearly four years, is likely due to the addition of 20 part-tme jobs at the new Kodiak Produce facility in Tucumcari, preparation for the tourist season, and some new highway construction projects on Interstate 40 in the county, state and local sources agree. […]

Official: Not much change in county budget

The first draft of the county's fiscal 2014 budget shows an expectation of very little change from the fiscal 2013 budget, according to County Manager Richard Primrose. QCS Photo: Steve Hansen Quay roads 64 and AI are the only two in the county that are fully paved, County Manager Richard Primrose says. Quay Road 64 […]

Schools face decrease in revenues

Tucumcari schools will be operating with about $400,000 less for the 2013-2014 school year, according to budget documents. The decrease in revenues represents about 3 percent of 2012-2013 revenues that totaled $13.7 million. The amount of revenues budgeted for 2013-2014 is about $13.3 million. The total revenue is expected to decline even as operational revenues, […]

Thomas: Nothing wrong with letting your imagination run free

As you all may know the source of many of my columns are the animals, people and events going on in my life. It has been a few weeks since I have written a column and I can assure you it is not from a lack of events, cast or settings. In fact this past […]

Steve: What’s in a city name? Who knows?

Since I was a kid, I seem to have been drawn to places with names that no one seems to understand. Europeans have butchered some of the original Native American names of these places beyond recognition, and the meanings of these names have been lost, too. Take Chicago. No one really knows what "Chicago" means. […]

Comments from the canyons: Community closer in rural areas

Living in one's home area provides much pleasure because we can see friends from all comers and in between. For instance, a couple of Saturdays ago, while having lunch at Del's, I had the privilege of seeing friends from Nara Visa to Hassell and points in between. Although one meeting came about because of a […]