Letter to the Editor

We have global warming staring us in the face, infrastructure that needs a trillion to update, millions unemployed, some long-term, students, the country’s future,  looking at a mountain of debt and what are a large number of congressmen, House and Senate, members looking at? Repealing The Affordable Health Care Act, 32 times, putting up road blocks to voting, trying to eliminate or weaken the safety net for the unfortunate among us and saying who can and cannot marry.
Here are some things the House majority wants in the budget:
• We all have heard about the bridges that are not safe; they want to cut $4.4 billion from their budget, which was way too small to start with.
• Renewable energy — they want spending cut by half, to $1 billon. Oh, they did find a way to increase the subsidy given to the oil and gas industry.
• In the farm bill, conservatives want to cut down on food stamps and increase the Federal Crop Insurance program. I cannot see how the huge increase in unemployment would make the need for food stamps go up. That’s a mystery to me. The fraud in the Federal Crop Insurance program is estimated to be about $100 million per year. The proposed changes to the program makes it more susceptible to fraud than now.
• The far-sighted conservatives want to cut $100 million needed to enforce the Dodd-Frank Law. The Dodd-Frank Law was designed to put some controls on the financial industry. Of course everybody knows that the market can correct itself. This recession is just a figment of our imagination, just like global warming.
Our country is facing some serious problems and those that place ideology over country should be voted out.

Leon Logan

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