Engineering firms recommends new bridge

QCS Staff


Courtesy photo: New Mexico Department of Transportation
Here’s what a new concrete bridge over Canadian River south of Logan would look like next to the existing, metal truss structure that spans the river and ravine on U.S. 54.

The engineering firm that has been studying the bridge over the Canadian River just south of Logan on U.S. 54 is recommending construction of a new bridge and preservation of Route 54’s path through Logan, a report shown to the Quay County Commission on Monday shows.

The engineering firm, Jacobs Engineering of Denver, Colo., also recommends a concrete bridge consisting of three spans to replace the current bridge of three simple-span steel deck trusses.

The recommended construction would be concrete cast in place, rather than pre-cast to avoid having to lift pre-cast segments from the deep ravine that the bridge will cross over, the report said.

The current bridge was built in 1954. Rehabilitation was performed on the bridge in 1984, the study said.

County Commissioner Mike Cherry reminded his colleagues the current Canadian River bridge is of the same style and vintage as one that collapsed on Interstate 35 in Minneapolis, Minn., in 2007. The bridge collapse killed 13 people and injured 35.

The engineering report said building the new bridge in the recommended way would cost $250 to $300 per square foot.

The engineers reached these conclusions after conducting studies of the existing bridge and alternative routes to and from the bridge, and contact with Logan residents and business owners.

There are still two more phases to be completed in the planning of the highway alignment and bridge project, an environmental documentation and processing phase and preliminary design, according to the project’s website at

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