Arch Hurley releases budget

QCS Staff

The Arch Hurley Conservancy District has budgeted more than $1.4 million to meet operational and debt obligations for calendar year 2014.

Assessments to raise these funds total $11 per acre for Class A members and 5.262 mills ($5.26 per $1, 000 of assessed valuation) for Class B members. Class A members are those who occupy land that was part of the district when it was founded in the 1940s, which is billed based on acres irrigated with district water resources. Class B members were added later, and their irrigation charges are based on assessed value of their property, Franklin McCasland, district manager, said.

According to its resolution, which was passed on July 9, the district seeks to raise about $1.36 million for its operations and maintenance fund through a $9.77 per acre charge for Class A customers and 4.888 mills for Class B clients. It seeks to raise $60,000 for its debt service fund through a 96-cents-per–acre charge on Class A property and a 0.295-mill charge on Class B landowners. The $16,000 general fund will be accommodated with a 27-cents-per-acre charge for Class A owners and a 0.079 mill charge for Class B owners.

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