Hospital tax up for vote

QCS Staff

Quay County voters will decide on Sept. 17 whether to continue a special gross receipts tax that benefits Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital.

The Quay County Sun reported on July 10 that the County Commission had approved the tax. The commission only approved a “proposed ordinance” to maintain this existing tax, which is equal to one-eighth of 1 percent of gross receipts. Voters must approve the tax in the Sept. 17 election to grant final approval. Early voting on the measure may begin as early as Aug. 20.

Commissioner Sue Dowell stressed again that the measure will not raise new tax revenues, but will keep an existing tax in place.

According to a fact sheet published by Trigg Hospital, the tax raises $200,000 per year, depending on sales of goods and services. The money has been used for purposes that include remodeling the hospital’s Primary Care Clinic, defraying health-care costs through the federal Sole Community Provider program for Quay County residents who otherwise could not afford their care, and a new digital mammography machine.

If voters reject the continuation of the tax, gross receipts taxes will drop Jan. 1. If it is approved, the current tax rate will continue through 2019.

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