Mesalands reducing technology fees

Thomas Garcia
QCS senior writer

Mesalands Community College has reduced the technology fees associated with its Wind Energy Technology Program, beginning in the upcoming fall semester.

According to a release from the two-year college, the move will make the college more competitive with similar programs and more affordable for the students.

Before the fee restructuring, all classes in the wind energy field were $40 per credit- hour for classroom and laboratory fees, said Kimberly Hanna, public relations director.

Hanna said under the new structure, students enrolled in four credit-hour courses with lab fees will now pay $20 per credit hour, while those enrolled in the three credit-hour courses without lab fees will pay $5 per credit hour. She said this change will save in-state tuition students around $564 per semester.

“The fee structure for our Wind Energy Technology Program was evaluated by college administration and faculty,” said Natalie Gillard, Mesalands’ vice president of Academic Affairs. “There are two main objectives to the reduction of the fees for this program.

“First of all, by making this program more affordable, we can attract more students within our community, our State, and the nation. We want to give more students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and the skills necessary to obtain gainful employment in the wind industry. And secondly, this new fee structure will enable the College to compete in this rapidly growing field.”

The fee restructuring was approved by the college’s board of trustee on June 11.

Options in the college’s wind energy technology program include a two-year associate of applied science degree, a one-year applied science certificate, and a one-semester occupational certification in wind energy technology.

Wind energy technology students receive training on the college’s industrial-size 1.5-megawatt wind turbine generator, located at Mesalands’ North American Wind Research and Training Center, the news release said.

Classes start Aug. 13.

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