Unemployment up to 7 percent

QCS Staff

Quay County’s unemployment rate for June marked the end of a two-month period of four- and five-year lows for the county.

The county’s unemployment rate stood at 7 percent for June 2013, state Department of Workforce Solutions figures show. The unemployment rate for the state for the same month was 6.8 percent.

In April and May, Quay County’s unemployment rate showed rates of 5.4 percent and 5.6 percent, respectively, which were lower than any seen since 2008.

Quay County’s rate of 7 percent for June matches the five-year average unemployment rate for the county. The county’s labor force in June, at 3,910, was a little higher than it was in May, at 3,865, and in June 2012, at 3,890.

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