Comments from the canyons: Latest reunion most ‘sentimental journey’ yet

One more Rattler Reunion has been added to our ever-growing memory banks, and it was a great event.

Seeing so many classmates, friends, and former students is always a joy and makes me ever more proud of my high school education and my years of teaching here.

Although every reunion is great, this one seemed to be the most “sentimental journey” ever. I am not hesitant to admit to being a sentimentalist as my emotions are often at surface level and holding back tears is not an easy task. From the time I entered the Convention Center Thursday until I left for the last time Saturday night, I was overwhelmed by the many kind remarks and warm hugs I received from students from so long ago. Just the fact that they remembered their English teacher touched my heart, but the fact that they delivered so many loving remarks made me so very proud to have played a small part in their lives.

As they thanked me for something from those days, I tried to thank them for making my life so very special. Without their help so many years ago, I probably would not have remained in the teaching profession. They did more for me than I could have done for them, and I am so very proud of them.

Along with my classmates from 1952, Pat Schoonover Shockley and her son, Mike, joined our group and saw that I managed to get from place to place.

Pat and I met in 1940 when I entered primary at Central School, and she was in the second grade. Later, we were in band and Rainbow Girls together and always had fun. Many years passed without our doing much more than visiting briefly at reunions.

For some unknown reason, she called me from her home in Liberal, Kansas and began to build a strong friendship- After her husband’s death and a serious illness, she decided to come to the reunion, and Mike agreed to bring her.

Our time together was very special because we recalled so many memories of the past and because of her wonderful sense of humor despite major problems. I just wish I could mention all the friends and school mates with whom I visited, but we would be working until the next reunion to complete the list.

Let’s close by thanking the Rattler Reunion Board, the Class of 1983 for hosting the reunion, and the class of 1958 for hosting the Golden Rattler luncheon. All of them made us proud to be Rattlers and to know that our school spirit is still alive and well.

We’ll now look forward to the next reunion and spend much of our time reviewing our many wonderful memories. We all stand a little taller as members of this very large THS family and don’t hesitate to tell others how fortunate we are to have a hometown that still wants everyone to return each year. We really can go home again.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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