Quay Community Center to be returned to Quay Valley community

QCS Staff

A 12-year effort to return a Quay Valley landmark to useful service ended Monday when the Quay County Commission voted to return the Quay Community Center to the Quay Valley community.

The center is a converted school house where years of hosting community functions was interrupted a dozen years ago,

The final hurdle was cleared when the Quay Community Center, also the name of the organization that will restore and operate the community center, obtained status as a 501(c)(3) charity. It allows donors to make tax-exempt donations to the center, sadi County Manager Richard Primrose.

Lane Bradley, a Quay Valley rancher who spearheaded the Quay Community Center effort, said the group’s application for 501(c)(3) status became entangled in red tape at the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission for years. Finally, Bradley said, former State Sen. Pat Lyons started making inquiries about the Quay group’s application and managed to usher the paperwork through the PRC’s approval process “in a matter of weeks,” Bradley said.

Now that the building has been returned to the community, Bradley said, the Quay County Community Center group plans to use it again for community gatherings and events, “like we always have.”

The center once hosted community gatherings such as Halloween and Christmas parties, barbecues and picnics for many generations.

Primrose, a graduate of Tucumcari High School, said he, too, remembers attending a senior picnic at the Quay Center when he was in high school.

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