Superintendent’s contract renewed

QCS Staff

The Tucumcari Public School Board has renewed the contract of Superintendent Aaron McKinney, extending it to 2016.

The contract, approved at the board’s Aug. 17 meeting, continues McKinney’s salary at $109,000 and adds two weeks of vacation instead of a pay raise, according to Carlos Romero, the school board president.

McKinney will now receive six weeks of vacation a year, according to Bernadette Moya, McKinney’s administrative assistant.

After some discussion that involved teachers, board members, administrators and students, the board also decided not to make changes in school policies regarding tattoos.

Current regulations say that tattoos must be covered. One student, a boy, said tattoos are a form of self-expression, and self-expression is something that teachers have encouraged. Another student, a girl, said not all tattoos are the same.

“Some express love and are tributes to people who have passed away,” she said.

Two teachers said that instruction time is lost when uncovered tattoos become an issue and requested that the board revisit the issue.

Wayne Ferguson, Tucumcari High School’s athletic director, said problems sometimes occur when students with facial tattoos transfer into the district after the school year begins because other students object when a tattoo that cannot be covered is allowed.

Board member Marian Payton said that most workplaces require that tattoos be covered, and school policy should reflect workplace policies, since school should prepare students for the world of work.

The board decided unanimously not to change the policy.

“We don’t want to change the policy,” Romero said, “but we want it to be enforced fairly.”

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