Commissioners approve property tax rates

QCS staff

Quay County Commissioners approved property tax rates as set by the New Mexico Dept. of Finance and Administration (DFA) Monday.

The tax rates are stated in mills, or dollars per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. If the tax rate is stated at 10 mills, that means that a taxpayer will put out $10 for $1,000 in assessed value of property. If the property is assessed at $100,000, the tax bill would $1,000, County Assessor Janie Hoffman said. Assessed value, she said, is generally a third of actual value.

Overall, the county’s assessed valuation is about 5 percent higher than last year’s, according to DFA documents. This year’s assessed valuation stands at a little less than $192.5 million, about $9.3 million more than last year’s assessed value of $183.1 million. The measurements are based on school districts, Hoffman said, and each school district separately reports value of property inside its city or village, and outside. In cases where Quay County property is located in a school district outside the county, the taxes go to that school district.

Shares of the property taxes go to state debt service, county ooperations, county debt service, Quay County Hospital, municipal operations, municipal debt service, school district operations, school district debt service, school district capital improvement, school building (under House Bill 33), school district education technology debt service, and Mesalands Community College, according to DFA documents.

The largest single jump in assessed valuation was in non-residential property inside of Tucumcari. That property was assessed at about $29.7 million in 2012, but at $33.8 million in 2013, a rise of just over $4 million, or about 13.7 percent. In the state’s formula for determining tax rates, that means the tax rate paid by non-residential property owners in Tucumcari has gone down slightly, from 33.514 mills to 33.404 mills.

Here are the 2013 rates (and 2012 rates) in mills for county taxpayers:

Tucumcari inside, residential — 25.930 (25.372)

Tucumcari inside, nonresidential — 33.404 (33.514)

Tucumcari outside, residential — 21.222 (20.664)

Tucumcari outside, nonresidential — 25.768 (25.864)

House inside, residential — 20.725 (21.171)

House inside, nonresidential — 27.153 (28.788)

House outside, residential — 16.119 (17.068)

House outside, non-residential — 19.503 (21.138)

Logan inside, residential — 23.292 (21.440)

Logan inside, nonresidential — 26.222 (25.403)

Logan outside, residential — 15.709 (14.742)

Logan outside, nonresidential — 19.330 (18.990)

San Jon inside, residential — 22.477 (21.563)

San Jon inside, nonresidential — 27.275 (27.512)

San Jon outside, residential — 16.810 (16.573)

San Jon outside, nonresidential — 20.446 (20.807)

Grady outside, residential 18.688 (18.620)

Grady outside, nonresidential — 22.340 (22.715)

Nara Visa outside, residential — 15.709 (14.742)

Nara Visa outside, nonresidential — 19.330 (18.990)

Oil and gas production — 19.368 (18.990)

Oil and gas equipment — 19.368 (18.990)

Melrose outside, residential — 16.113 (15.865)

Melrose outside, nonresidential — 19.742 (19.995)

Arch Hurley, assessment/acre, Class “A”–$11 ($12)

Arch Hurley, ad valorem/assessed value — 5.262 mills (5.102 mills)

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