Thomas: Rain different experience for cats

Unless you you’ve been living under a rock and drowned as a result of your choice of habitat, you should be aware we have been blessed with a large amount of rain.

Just about everywhere you look there are the signs of how fortunate we have been over the past week with the rain.

I know I’m not alone when I say the rain showers are a vast improvement over the dirt storms we have become accustomed too. This rain has been a blessing for those fields that were starting to get a bit dry and to our area lakes it is a most welcomed gift.

Now, like all things in life, too much of a good thing can lead to trouble, as we have seen the flood-ravaged areas of Colorado and parts of New Mexico on the news and social networking sites.

I know of a couple friends where unable to get home due to washed out roads from flash flooding; in fact one of them still may have not gotten home.

It’s a hard thing to be so grateful for the rain and at the same time be concerned for friends and family who are in hardship and possible danger due to the very same rain.

I do hope that all my friends and family in those areas affected by the severe flooding are OK.

Locally, the rain has had a very noticeable impact on our region. For example, the Pajarito Creek rose to the highest I have ever seen it, and for a time I thought it would close down N.M. 104. There have also been some leaks at the office, nothing to severe at this point but it has raised some concern.

The only issue I’ve had has been getting drenched a couple of times. Though if you asked the cats who have come to call my front porch home, they would have you believing they saw the Ark with two of every animal sailing by the house.

Most of the time Scruffy would jump off the porch when I walk up the steps, but with the downpours he elected to stay on the porch as I opened the door and gave me the usual hiss as I walked inside.

Scruffy has always been this way, and while to some it seems he is being mean, it’s just his way of saying “Hi, where have you been? Do you plan on feeding me soon?”

I’m very fond of that cat as he is usually the first one say, “Hello and good morning” to me, which may seem odd to some that I speak to a cat but, hey, to me cats, dogs and even some birds are people, too.

Which reminds me. There is a new cat that comes to my porch in the morning. I have given him the name “Hunter,” since he stalks and pounces on every single bug he sees.

I had to yell at him because he was in the road stalking a beetle when there was a car coming, and the only thing Hunter was concerned about was catching that bug.

The rain also drove him onto the porch, and I can honestly say that seeing him and Scruffy soaking wet on the porch, looking at me as if it was my fault, was quite comical.

I have not been able to pick Scruffy up, nor would I have tried, as we have an unspoken understanding: I feed him. He responds with a hiss of kindness and occasionally will sit next to me on the steps as we take in the evening sky.

Hunter, on the other hand, lets me pick him up. I dried him off with a towel one afternoon and he was most appreciative, although his newly found dryness was short lived. He saw a bug on the sidewalk and decided he needed to dive bomb after it and then chase it under the gate along the curb to a neighboring lawn, where he lost it in the grass.

For a moment I thought it was flattering that the cats think the same guy who opens their cans of cat food and fills their water dish is also the one who makes it rain.

Then I watched one of those same cats run blindly into a rain storm after a bug, only to lose it and chase it’s tail thinking it was a bug for about two minutes while getting soaked. I realized I gave myself way too much credit.

Thomas Garcia is a senior writer at the Quay County Sun. He can be reached at

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