Meetings watch: Quay County Commission

The Quay County Commission met Monday in the Quay County Courthouse. All three commissioners Brad Bryant, Mike Cherry and Sue Dowell were present.

The Commission took the following actions:

• Approved a bid for $118,000 to buy rolling equipment for the county roads department.

• Approved payment of $2,000 in assessment fee to support a new yield study of Ute Lake, as requested by the Ute Water Commission, which includes representatives from Quay, Curry and Roosevelt counties. The fee is based on a charge of $2 per acre foot of water. The water commission seeks to conduct a new study to supplement one done in 1994 to answer questions about water available from Ute Lake, in light of changing conditions, according to Richard Primrose, county manager.

• Agreed to purchase a vehicle for transporting inmates for the Quay County Detention Center.

• Conducted an executive session about litigation filed by Christina Fleming and Drake Swenson.

— Compiled by QCS managing editor Steve Hansen

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