Rattlers to face Fort Sumner

QCS photo: Steve Hansen Rattlers’ running back Zack Martinez gets hit by several Dexter Demons.

QCS photo: Steve Hansen
Rattlers’ running back Zack Martinez gets hit by several Dexter Demons.

By Thomas Garcia

QCS Senior Writer

The (1-2) Tucumcari Rattlers will not dwell on Friday’s 49-0 routing by the Dexter Demons but instead will push on as they prepare to travel to Fort Sumner to face the (2-2) Foxes.

“We can not dwell on last Friday’s loss or it will snowball on us,” said Wayne Ferguson, Rattlers head coach.

Ferguson said the Rattlers have to put the loss to Dexter behind them and focus on their match-up with the Foxes. He said Fort Sumner is a well-coached team, not the same caliber as the Demons, though a strong opponent nonetheless.

Ferguson said the Rattlers will have to play better on both sides of the ball and execute the fundamentals. He said the Foxes are disciplined on the field and are strong when it comes to the fundamentals.

Game time:

7 p.m. Friday, at Fort Sumner



There was an error last in last week’s report the Logan Longhorns were scheduled to play the Floyd Broncos. That game was canceled because Floyd has dropped down to a 6-man program.

The (2-1) Longhorns had a bye-week and have not played since their 60-0 routing Sept. 13 of the Alamo Navajo Cougars that was ended at half-time due to the New Mexico Activity Association’s mercy rule, which stops a game at half-time if one team is leading by 50 points. The battered Cougars started the game missing five starters and had only 11 players suit up for the game.

“They played with heart and didn’t give up. You have to admire them for that,” Logan coach Kene Terry said.

Terry said after the team was leading by three scores in the first quarter, he began to rotate in some of his younger players to give them field time. He said it was also a way for them to show good sportsmanship while still competing during the game.

“There was no reason to run up the score,” Terry said.

Terry said the Longhorns will be traveling to Melrose this week to play the Buffaloes, a former district opponent. He said the Longhorns have not seen any film on the Buffaloes yet, although he has heard that since joining with Clovis Christian this year, the Buffaloes have added some big, physical players.

In their past three games, the Buffaloes have scored 180 points while keeping their opponents off the scoreboard in every engagement.

Terry said the Longhorns will have to find a way to play their game and overcome the Buffaloes defense.

Game time:

7 p.m. Friday, at Melrose



The (2-2)  San Jon Coyotes will be on the road once again as they travel Friday to Santa Fe to take on the New Mexico School for the Deaf.

“We don’t know much about the Roadrunners we just know they are (1-3) after losing to the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind 33-27,” said Bobby Gomez, Coyotes head coach.

Gomez said the Coyotes beat the Animas Panthers 72-22 in a game that was terminated in the third quarter due to the NMAA’s mercy rule, giving the Panthers their first loss of the season. He said the Coyotes defense was the standout in this game held in Carrizozo, stopping the (3-1) Panthers’ running game and forcing them Panthers to fumble three times Friday night.

“Our guys played with heart and it showed on the field,” Gomez said.

Game time

3:30 p.m. Friday at Santa Fe

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