City priority list led by landfill trash compactor

QCS Staff

Landfill, water supply and wastewater treatment needs lead Tucumcari’s “wish list” for state capital outlay money in the city’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan approved Thursday by the City Commission.

The city’s top priority needs for fiscal year 2015 are led by a new $425,000 landfill trash compactor, according to the plan listings. Also listed are repair or replacement of the city’s leaking water tank on Center Street, $550,000, and a landfill trash truck with an estimated cost $170,000.

The rest of the top 10 priorities:

• Ute Lake water supply, $300,000 per year through 2019 for a total allocation of $1.5 million.

• Water system infrastructure improvements on Aber Street, $1 million.

• Improvements for the city’s wastewater treatment plant, $350,000.

• Tearing down and disposing of the Sands Dorsey Building, $500,000.

• Solid waste landfill and equipment, $1.75 million over two years.

Capital outlay allocations seldom cover more than the top two or three priorities, Commissioner Robert Lumpkin said.

There are 115 items in the capital improvement plan, which covers fiscal years 2015-2018 — 76 of which are set to begin in fiscal year 2015. Many items on the list cover more than one of the years included in the plan.

Except for items listed above, the costliest items on the list are:

• An industrial park master plan and infrastructure improvements for land near a rail spur on the northwest side of the city, $6.9 million.

• A building that could be adapted for a major industrial client, $4 million.

• Airport runway extension and widening, $3.724 million.

• New library building, $3 million.

• Repair and upgrade for the city sewer system, $2.75 million.

• Repair and upgrade for the city water system, $ 2.75 million.

• A new Senior Citizens building, $2.46 million.

• Ute Lake Water, $1.5 million. Lumpkin said this item is premature, since the city doesn’t plan to take water from Ute Lake within the period that the plan covers.

• Wastewater equipment and vehicles, $1.228 million.

• Train Depot restoration, $1.2 million.

• 11th Street improvements, $1.1 million.

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