Thomas: Keep trying, even if it seems hopeless

I was making a breakfast burrito the other morning and much like the times when I make a sandwich, it didn’t come out quite as good as when one was made by someone else.

I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to this situation, at least I hope I’m not the only par level sandwich and burrito maker. I kind of have a high mark to strive for, having enjoyed the burritos made by my father for so many years.

Try as I may, I just can’t ever seem to get the potatoes to cook right, you want that bit of crispness while still having a moist center, otherwise you’d think you’re chewing on seasoned rocks. My father always seemed to get the right egg, potato, chili and cheese ratio in every burrito he made.



Though I can’t say the same about my burritos, sometimes the burrito won’t close right, has too much chili and is soaking through the tortilla or suffers the catastrophic bottom failure. For those who might not know or understand, that last term refers to when you are eating a burrito and the bottom portion gives way.

Sometimes you are in luck and have the wrapper on the bottom. Other times you just have one of the dainty napkins separating you from a disastrous mess. This usually occurs when you are eating on the road or happen to be wearing a white shirt. Oh yes, there is nothing that says you’re ready to face the day more than with a giant chili stain mid-chest.

Now, one might wonder why any one would be wearing white, knowing they are going to eat a burrito with chili. I wish I had an answer for those who would question that action, but I myself am guilty of this and despite repeated applications of stain remover, I will most likely do it again.

Maybe it’s the burrito that makes it worth the mess. I know when it comes to my father’s or even a LotaBurger burrito, I’m willing to risk the potential stain.

However, I knew I couldn’t call my dad to make burritos and deliver them to me early in the morning. Well I could, but he’d used colorful words in asking, “do you know what time it is, and why cant you make your own burritos?”

So I took out my frying pan cooked some sausage, mixed in potatoes, two eggs, green chili and onion. I took out two tortillas warmed them up on the stove, placed shredded cheese down the middle along with the stuffing and after a few careful tucks and rolls I had breakfast burritos.

I felt accomplished; there would be no need for $1 sausage biscuits that morning, for I now ruled the breakfast world. I poured myself some orange juice turned on the TV (Sports Center) and prepared for the spicy taste of victory.

It was about that time, out of the corner of my eye I saw Scruffy peering in through the screen door. He had been watching me the entire time I was making my breakfast all while probably wondering “Is he going to remember me?”

I put my burritos down went to the pantry and got Scruffy’s favorite can of 9 Lives Super Supper. He has tried different kinds but this one he really enjoys.

Now, I know some might be thinking, “He’s a cat he’ll eat anything you give him so why put so much effort into his meal?”

Well, he’s not just a cat; he’s my friend and as with many of my friends, I tend to remember what they do and do not like.

I know if I were to sit down at a restaurant and ask for a Dr. Pepper and they brought me Mr. Pibb, I’d be unhappy and ask for tea instead. So when it comes to Scruffy’s food I’ve given him the same courtesy and have taken notice to the fact that he enjoys Super Supper.

Once Scruffy had his bowl filled and began to enjoy his meal I returned to my own wonderful breakfast, which was still good and warm. I picked up the burrito took that first bite and was it ever good so good, in fact I immediately took another bite.

It was at this time when I fell prey to the dreaded bottom failure. I managed to catch part of the burrito stuffing but not before the chili goodness left its mark on my shirt. As this was happening as my other burrito began to show signs that it too was not going to make it either.

There are some people who might have been discouraged and gotten mad that their burritos failed, and they now had to clean up food from the floor and change shirts.

I instead cleaned up the food of the floor changed shirts and sat back down and enjoyed my rather large breakfast soft tacos.

Maybe next time I won’t fill the burritos so much and will take extra caution to wrap it in a paper towel. At any rate I know that I can’t give up after a few failed attempts, I have to keep working at it until I get better.

Which I think is the most important thing about many issues in our lives these days, we just need to keep trying. Even when it seems hopeless, we can’t say quit.

Although if you ask Scruffy what the moral of this story is he would most likely say “feed the cat on time next time and there will be no problems.”

Thomas Garcia is a senior writer at the Quay County Sun. He can be reached at

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