4-H state fair results

Here is how Quay County 4-Her’s placed in the New Mexico State Fair:


Junior Market Swine Show


3rd place – Kindal Smith


3rd place – Jordan Hines

Hampshires – Medium-Heavy

2nd place – Karlee Cantrell


6th place – Karlee Cantrell

Junior Market Lamb Show

Fine Wool Cross – Class 2

6th place – Kyle Knight

Junior Market Steer Show

Charolais – Class 2

1st place – Trey Runyan

Champion Charolais

Trey Runyan

Chianina – Class 2

4th place – Trey Runyan

Maine-Ajou – Class 1

4th place – Aleahna Branch

Maine-Ajur – Class 2

4th place – Jordyn Stowe

Simmental – Class 1

2nd place – Bailey Rhea Smith

Senior New Mexico Bred Steer Show – Class 1

2nd place – Aleahna Branch

Senior New Mexico Bred Steer Show – Class 4

5th place – Aleahna Branch

Quay County 4-H’ers Place in New Mexico State Fair Indoor Exhibits

Novice Super Snacking – Fruit Kabobs

3rd place – Dylan Ross

Novice Pistol Poster

1st place – Dyson Clark

Junior Dog I Poster

3rd place – Kaleb Hayes

Junior Pistol Poster

1st place – Kaleb Hayes

Junior Shotgun Poster

2nd place – Kaleb Hayes

Senior Pistol Poster

2nd place – Taylor Hayes

Novice Dog 1 Poster

3rd place – Natalie Hayes

Senior Dog I Poster

2nd place – Trestin Peterson

Novice Photography II – Silhouette Photo

3rd place – Tianna Peterson

Novice Photography II – 5 Photos to Make One

1st place – Tianna Peterson

Senior Photography II – Photo Good Composition

3rd place – Trestin Peterson

Engineering – Flashlight

1st place – Trestin Peterson

Engineering – A Simple Switch

2nd place – Trestin Peterson

Rocketry I Skill Level III

1st place – Trestin Peterson

Quay County 4-H’ers place in New Mexico State Fair Dog Show

Taylor Hayes

Reserve Showmanship Award

2nd Senior Showmanship Class

1st Rally-O Excellent Trial

2nd Novice Agility

2nd Novice Obedience

Kaleb Hayes

1st Junior Showmanship Class

4th Beginner Agility

4th Pre-Novice B Obedience

Natalie Hayes

1st Novice Showmanship Class

3rd Pre-Novice A Obedience

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