Rattlers to take on Texico Wolverines

Thomas Garcia
QCS Senior Writer

The Tucumcari Rattlers will not only have to push past Saturday’s 55-0 loss at Albuquerque Academy, they will also be contending with the pomp and circumstance of Homecoming week Friday as they take on the (3-4) (0-1)Texico Wolverines.

The (6-1) Chargers capitalized on turnovers in the first half, defeating the (1-5) Rattlers Saturday in Albuquerque.

A two-yard touchdown rush by the Chargers’ Marcus Montoya in the third quarter sealed the 3A team’s victory over the 2A Rattlers due to the New Mexico Activities Association’s mercy rule under which a 50 point lead ends the game.

The Chargers had seven rushing touchdowns and tallied 370 yards of rushing against the Rattlers.

Five of the Chargers’ seven touchdowns in the first half followed turnovers by the Rattlers.

The Chargers are currently ranked fourth among 3A schools in the state.

Three turnovers in the first quarter and two in the second placed the Rattlers in an early hole that they were not able to overcome.

The Rattlers had the first possession of the game and despite a series of successful drives they were unable to advance into the Chargers territory.

In the second quarter, the Rattlers drove as deep as the Chargers 1 yard line. The Rattlers efforts to punch the ball in for a score were denied by three goal line stops by the Chargers defense capped by a fumble on the three yard line.

On the following Chargers possession, halfback Phillip Romero scored with an 85-yard run, his third and longest rushing touchdown of the first half.

Romero racked up three touchdowns and 265 yards rushing against the Rattlers.

Game time 7 p.m., at Rattler Stadium



Looking to bounce back from a 70-46 loss to Gateway Christian on Friday the (4-2) Logan Longhorns set their sights on their first district opponent the visiting Menaul Panthers .

“Defensively we should be able to adjust for the (2-3) Panthers and our loss to the Warriors will aid in our preparation,” said Kene Terry, Longhorns head coach.

Terry said that against the Warriors, the Longhorns defense was able to stop them on only two offensive series. He said that has prompted the team to step up defensive play in order to limit scoring opportunities.

“The game was a tough loss, although in that loss we saw some new things develop on the  offensive side of the ball,” Terry said.

Terry said no loss is a good loss, but he said it is fortunate the Longhorns noticed their new offensive weapons and looks during that game. He said the team will continue to cultivate these developments as they move through district contests and into the playoffs.

Game time: 7 p.m., Friday at Logan



The (4-2) (1-0) San Jon/Grady Coyotes are coming off a bye week and will be facing the unbeaten (6-0) Lake Arthur Panthers.

“The Panthers have a lot of speed, especially their running back Miguel Rubio,” said Bobby Gomez, Coyotes head coach.

Gomez said the key to the Coyotes winning their second district game will be to contain Rubio and keep him from breaking loose on the outside for a big play. He said while the Coyotes want to make sure they contain Rubio, they will be adjusting to the Panthers’ offense as a whole.

Gomez said the Panthers have a good, strong quarterback and know that if they leave him and their receivers unchecked, it could come back to haunt them.

Game time: 3 p.m., at San Jon.

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