City commissioners approve funding recommendations

QCS Staff

The Tucumcari City Commission approved the last of four funding recommendations Thursday presented earlier by that the city’s Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board.

Commissioners voted unanimously to give $2,610 to the Eastern New Mexico Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Association’s promotion activities.

The lodgers’ tax board had originally recommended $2,000 for the bluegrass group, but the commission decided to grant the amount the organization had originally requested.

The music group’s request was one of three requests that were turned down, out of four requests presented, by the city commission in September. All have now received funding through the city commission, which makes the final decision on lodgers’ tax board recommendations.

The other three requests were from the Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce, Tucumcari Main Street for its Fired Up! event, and Rockabilly on the Route promoters.

Amounts approved :

• Chamber of Commerce, $28,000 recommended and approved.

• MainStreet, $2,500 requested and approved.

• Rockabilly on the Route, $5,950 requested, $10,000 approved.

The commission also approved:

• Accepting a $42,500 grant from the New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps to fund summer youth employment projects next summer.

• Accepting grants totaling $12,200 for law enforcement programs aimed at preventing driving while intoxicated, encouraging use of seat belts and promoting the “100 Days/Nights of Summer” safe driving program.

• Accepting proposals from Sysco West Texas and Ben E. Keith to provide food for senior meal programs operated through the city’s Senior Citizen Center. The city’s program also provides food for senior meal programs in Logan and House.

Charlie Sandoval, assistant city manager reported:

• The city hired Calvin Henson of Tucumcari to supervise operations of the city’s wastewater treatment facility.

• City crews have been working to clear dead trees and bushes at the Tucumcari cemetery.

• The floor of a new 400,000 gallon water tank has been poured.

• Construction is scheduled to begin Monday for a new perimeter road at the Tucumcari Airport.

• A surveyor is scheduled to mark cut-and-fill areas in the city landfill’s second cell, one of the final steps before the landfill is ready to use.

Commissioner Dora Salinas-McTigue read lists of recent charitable contributions from ALCO stores and Kodiak Fresh Produce.

From Alco:

• Tool and plumbing area to Tucumcari High School, $33,000.

• In conjunction with K-Bob’s restaurant, $100 in school supplies, and a 35-percent discount on school supplies purchased with $500 that K-Bob’s had raised through its promotional campaign.

From Kodiak:

• Vegetables to the VFW for Fired Up! and another event.

• Bananas to schools in Logan and Tucumcari.

• $200 toward the bicycle give-away at the Red Ribbon Week event in October, sponsored by the county’s DWI programs, as well a fresh fruits and vegetables.

• Pumpkins to Head Start programs and kindergarten teachers.

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