Mesalands art students visit Santa Fe museums

QCS Staff

Two Mesalands Community College students and 15 high school students enrolled in college-credit classes visited Santa Fe art museums last week as part of their drawing class at Mesalands.

“Part of the education for these students is to get them outside what they’re used to and they’re normal daily routine,” Robert Moreau, Fine Arts Faculty at Mesalands said, “plus, I had never been to Santa Fe, and I know the Georgia O’Keefe Museum is a really big deal. When you live in a relatively small, rural community, it’s important to be offered the opportunity to go into a more major metropolitan area and look at the art world there.”

The students visited the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Art.

“It was fun and I liked seeing the art. It lets you see different ways people make art. It also allowed us to see more art than what is in Tucumcari,” said Cellisha Martinez, 15, Tucumcari High School student. Martinez also said this was her first visit to Santa Fe.

Tucumcari Public Schools supplied the bus and the driver for the visit to Santa Fe.

“Mr. Moreau like many of our faculty, has truly embraced the idea of dual enrollment with our local high school students,” Dr. Thomas Newsom, Mesalands’ president, said. “This field trip is just one of the many opportunities that Mesalands offers through our community-friendly programs.”

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