Plan would have private investors help clean up Sands-Dorsey

QCS Staff

City leaders are being asked to help with a plan that could lead to private concerns paying the cost of cleaning up one of Tucumcari’s biggest eyesores.

There are resources available to help Tucumcari city officials carry out a plan to attract private investors to clean up the burned out shell of the Sands-Dorsey building Patrick Vanderpool, executive director of the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corporation, told city commissioners Thursday. It would be part of a larger investment project, he said.

Vanderpool said he has had conversations with at least three business groups that are seeking rural locations for building projects.

The process, he said, would involve eight steps:

1. Predevelopment and site analysis.

2. Testing market, financial and political feasibility. He explained that political feasibility includes planning and zoning and regulations.

3. Site and engineering analysis.

4. Financing.

5. Contractor negotiations and public approvals.

6. Construction.

7. Marketing.

8. Building occupancy and management.

To get started, city officials must “really demonstrate an ability to work together,” Vanderpool said.

“I ask you to work with me,” he told the commission.

In other action, the commission also approved a $100,000 grant and contract for the installation of water and sewer lines on east Route 66 Boulevard in Tucumcari. The project includes work on a lift-station pump just south of I-40, according to Ralph Lopez, a grant writer with the city’s Community Development department.

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