Thomas: Meatloaf brings back family memories

The mind’s ability to process information has always been a mystery and what deepens the mystery is how and when the information can trigger a memory and feelings. I’ve eaten meat loaf numerous times, in fact I’ve eaten it so much I have a ranking system for meat loaf, much like our editor David Stevens […]

Rattlers face undefeated Santa Rosa Lions

By Thomas Garcia QCS Senior Writer The Tucumcari Rattlers know they will have to control the ball and find ways to sustain offensive drives against the undefeated Santa Rosa Lions this Friday at Rattler Stadium. “The Lions are a very powerful team and we are going to have to find a way not to go […]

Officials exploring alternate plan for Sands-Dorsey

By Steve Hansen QCS managing editor Tucumcari city officials are exploring a plan that would attract private developers to dispose of the Sands-Dorsey ruins downtown as part of a larger business development. The officials have held preliminary discussions with state economic development and planning officials to develop a package of incentives that would attract a […]

Local poet receives outside attention


By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor Much of Levi Mericle’s poetry comes from pain, but to an avid Facebook following measured in thousands, the Tucumcari resident’s work brings enlightenment. His verse has rhythm and rhyme, but greeting-card doggerel it is not. Mericle’s intense verses speak of his own experiences with physical illness and the dark […]

Notes from the church lady: Wait on the Lord when your wings are clipped

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God…” While talking with a friend, I commented, I “had my wings clipped.” This is an idiom I heard all my life. It was used when I was grounded as a teenager or was sick and unable to leave the house. […]

Ranchers, officials support five-state prairie chicken plan

By Steven Hansen QCS managing editor Federal control over protecting the Lesser Prairie Chicken is the main reason local ranchers and officials approve of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s endorsement of a five-state plan designed to preserve the bird. The plan, called the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Lesser Prairie-Chicken Range-Wide Conservation […]

Five city commissioners could face recall

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor All five of Tucumcari’s city commissioners may be facing recall elections if petitions that have been turned in at City Hall or are now being circulated succeed. New recall petitions have been declared eligible to be circulated in districts represented by Tucumcari City Commissioners Ernest Dominguez, District 3; Robert […]

Three residents face burglary charges

By Thomas Garcia QCS Senior Writer Three Tucumcari residents are facing burglary charges after they were caught n the act, according to police. Two of the suspects are facing three felony counts of non-residential burglary, larceny and conspiracy after they were arrested early Thursday inside a building they had entered illegally, police said. Louis Padilla, […]

Study: Underwater blast had no permanent effect on fish populations

QCS staff Walleye populations at Ute Lake are growing and an underwater blast that was part of the installation of an intake structure of the Ute pipeline project on Aug. 16 had no permanent effect on the lake’s fish populations. These are two conclusions that the New Mexico Game and Fish Department drew after conducting […]

Steve: Always something new to spend too much on

I learned last week that the sale of Halloween costumes for pets has become a multi-million-dollar industry. Seeing the family Chihuahua dressed as the Incredible Hulk might be worth a few bucks, but the message I get is that times are still bad. Times have been less than optimal since the late 1970s. Wages have […]