Senator, wife named Farm Family of the Year

QCS Staff

Sen. Pat Woods, R-Broadview, and his wife Eva are the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau’s Farm Family of the Year, according to a press release from the agency.

Four generations of the Woods family work the farm that has been in the family since 1909, when Woods’ great grandfather homesteaded the land.

Woods said it is one of the “highest honors we’ve ever gotten,” and from the largest agricultural organization in the state.

Woods received the honor Nov. 25 in Albuquerque

Woods thanked his family for supporting him.

“When someone volunteers a lot of their time, he needs to have family backing him up,” Woods said. “My family has supported me in my volunteer activity for years and years.”

Being involved in agriculture, he said, instills a great sense of responsibility and promotes the value of hard work and respect.

“It’s the responsibility of anyone in agriculture to produce safe, nutritional food, to treat livestock animals humanely, and use the best care and best practices to protect the land and the environment,” he said.

In addition, he said, agriculture has taught a work ethic “to my children and grandchildren.

You learn to respect your elders and each other. You learn from generations in the past, and from the younger generation.” He said his young grandchildren continue to teach him about computers.

Another value he said his family practices as a tradition now is education.

“My parents helped me get a college education,” he said. “I helped my kids get college educations, and I hope to help my grandchildren to get a college education.”

Woods was elected to the Farm and Livestock Bureau in 2008. He served as the bureau’s second vice president for two years. He chaired its audit committee. He was instrumental in passing policy to protect private property rights and senior water rights.

Woods was appointed to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Board by the US Secretary of Agriculture and served two 3-year terms. He has also served on the Farmers Electric Cooperative.

He was elected to the New Mexico Senate in 2012.

Eva Woods is a retired employee of the Eastern Plains Council of Governments.

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