Letter to the editor — Dec. 18

City staff deserves recognition

Regarding the Oct. 23 comment in which Dora Salinas McTigue said, “I have done more than anyone including my predecessor for my district:”

The 16 years I represented City Commission District 1, commissioners worked together with the city staff, local, state, federal elected representatives, and private citizens to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure.

We built a police building, helped build a veterans park, and increased water storage, delivery treatment and discharged systems.

I am proud to have worked with the City Commission and staff with a vision to see the present and future needs of our city.

The projects described are essential components for growth, economic development, health and safety of all Tucumcarians and county residents.

Millions of dollars in federal and state grants, along with other funds were needed to accomplish the necessary improvements.

Yes, there were issues in how to go from point A to point B but by compromising and working together, we accomplished the necessary improvements. We worked together to accomplish redistricting of our municipal districts to ensure that all residents have equal representation in city government.

Yes, I’m proud to have worked and been a part of a team with a vision for the present and future needs of our community.

We all helped build it together, not as individuals.

This narrative describes a fraction of goals accomplished. The city staff deserve the recognition. They do the grant writing, documentation, and accountability of grants and public money.

Antonio Apodaca


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