Monday deadline for Chamber drawing

QCS Staff

It remains to be seen whether the Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce’s $100 drawing open to those who spend at least $50 in town before Dec. 23 will improve local Christmas shopping.

The results as of Dec. 12, however, were “a little disappointing,” according to Patsy Gresham, the chamber’s executive director. She said she was expecting more than the 60 entries that shoppers had dropped off at the Chamber office by that date. She was heartened to see, however, that one of the receipts turned in already was for $400.

Shoppers have until Monday to get their receipts of $50 or more from local merchants delivered to the Chamber, Gresham said. The drawing will be held on Monday afternoon.

While the drawing is aimed at Christmas shoppers, she said, any shopping done at local merchants can be entered. The total of the receipts must be $50 or more, and every receipt of $50 or more can be entered separately, she said.

Receipts should be turned in at the Chamber office at 404 Route 66.

Gresham said suspects the biggest competition downtown merchants are facing is from online outlets, but shoppers who buy locally gain some distinct advantages, she said.

One of those advantages, she said, is that local shoppers can find “unique things that reflect our local culture.” She also said it is much easier to exchange a gift bought locally.

Buying a major appliance locally, she said, usually includes installation, and “you can get as good a deal locally as anywhere.” Plus, she said, local buyers avoid paying shipping costs.

Gresham has been reminding shoppers of the contest regularly on the Chamber’s Facebook page and highlighting local merchants by name.

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