County clerk says she ‘has no problem’ complying with marriage ruling

QCS staff

Quay County Clerk Veronica Mares said she will sign certificates to license same-sex marriages in Quay County because it’s the law.

“We have no choice,” she said, but she said she would “have no problem” complying with the Dec. 20 New Mexico Supreme Court decision that allows same-sex marriages in the state. So far, she said, no same-sex couples have requested a marriage license in the clerk’s office.

County Comissioner Mike Cherry said he does not agree with the decision, but supports Mares in complying with the law. Commissioners Brad Bryant and Sue Dowell, however, declined to comment. The clerk is elected independent of the commission, both said, so the commissioners’ opinions would not be relevant.

State Sen. Pat Woods, R-Broadview, whose district includes Quay County, said, however, that he will continue efforts begun in the last legislative session to amend the state’s constitution to recognize marriage as between “one man, and one woman.”

Woods said, “My stance on this is Christian. Marriage is a holy sanction between a man and a woman.”

He acknowledged there are people who disagree with him, but said, “That’s my belief.”

Neither state Rep. Dennis Roch, R-Logan, nor state Sen. Pete Campos, D-Las Vegas, were available for comment Friday.

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