Commission approves grant requests

QCS Staff

The Quay County Commission approved grant requests for training, supplies and mileage for five county fire districts.

Amounts each is allowed to seek, according to Fire Marshal Donald Adams:

• Bard-Endee — $3,000

• Quay — $7,000

• Rural District 1— $3,000

• Rural District 3 — $3,000

• Forrest — $5,000

The commission also approved accepting of a tanker truck donated to the Bard-Endee fire district by the Smith Ranch. The vehicle includes a 1,600 tank and has four-wheel drive.

Adams said the truck has only 8,800 miles on it. Ranch managers decided the truck was no longer useful for ranch operations, Adams said. The ranchers bought it from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which had used it as a fire vehicle in Montana.

“It even has new tires and air conditioner,” Adams said.

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