Official: Candidates should prepare now for November elections

By Steve Hansen
QCS Managing Editor

The general election for many state and county positions will be in November, but potential candidates should be getting ready now, according to Ellen White, chief deputy clerk in the Quay County Clerk’s office.

White presented election information Monday to the Quay County Commission.

Filing day for candidates is March 11, but White said information for the financial disclosure statement all candidates must file cannot be completed at the last minute.

The statement seeks information about candidates’ employers and income sources, spouses’ employer and income information as well as any other sources that provide more than $5,000 in the prior calendar year.

There are special requirements if the candidate or candidate’s spouse is involved in a law practice, consulting operation or similar business, according to the form.

The disclosure form also asks for information about real estate owned in New Mexico and other business interests held in the state worth $10,000 or more. Other information includes:

• Memberships on boards of for-profit businesses

• Professional licenses

• State agencies with which the candidate or spouse has done business valued at more than $5,000 in the prior calendar year

• Any other information the candidate believes should be noted that could affect ability to hold office.

White also listed key dates in process of declaring candidacy in both primary elections and the general election. They include:

Jan 27 — The last date on which a primary candidate may announce a change in party.

Feb. 4 — Filing day for primary candidates seeking pre-primary convention designation with Secretary of State.

Feb. 11 — Secretary of State certifies declared candidates to the state’s political parties.

Feb. 14 — Last day to challenge nominating petitions.

March 11 — Filing day for local and non-partisan state office candidates. Filing in the County Clerk’s office.

March 18 — Filing day for write-in candidates for primary elections.

April 1 — Last day for a candidate to withdraw from primary elections.

May 6 — Absentee voting begins for primary election.

May 17 — Early in-person voting for primary begins.

May 30 — Last day for absentee primary ballots to be mailed from clerk’s office.

May 31 — Last day for early in-person voting for primary.

June 3 — Primary election.

June 9 — Voter registration begins for general election.

June 24 — Filing day for independent, write-in and minority party candidates.

Sept. 2 — Last day for candidate withdrawal from general election.

Oct. 7— Voter registration closes. Absentee voting begins.

Oct. 18 — Early in-person voting begins.

Oct. 31 — Last day clerk can mail out absentee ballots.

Nov. 1 — Early in-person voting ends.

Nov. 4 — General election day.

The calendar and candidate filing forms are available online at Click on “County Clerk” in the left column of the home page and scroll down to “New Mexico Secretary of State Information for the 2014 Primary Election” to find election handbook and form download information.

Quay County voters will elect the following officials, those with local jurisdictions named, in November:

Federal — U.S. Representative (incumbent: Rep. Ben Ray Lujan).

State — Governor, state secretary of state, state auditor, state attorney general, state representative Rep. Dennis Roch (R-Logan), state appeals court judge.

County/Local — District 3 county commissioner (Brad Bryant, incumbent), magistrate judge (David Joel Garnett incumbent), assessor (Janie Hoffman, incumbent), probate judge (Nelda Burson, incumbent), and sheriff, (Joe Schallert, incumbent).

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