Residents urged to call ahead on controlled burns

QCS Staff

County residents are urged to use caution and call ahead if they want to conduct controlled burns in the county, County Fire Marshal Donald Adams said.

Adams recommended that a call to Central Dispatch at 461-2280 or 461-2281 a day or two before a controlled burn will take place can serve two purposes. One is to alert dispatch, which can then notify local fire officials. The other would be to allow dispatch to advise the person planning the burn about whether dry, windy conditions on the proposed date would make a controlled burn inadvisable.

Adams also said a call to a local fire chief or fire station would place local fire officials on alert, in case the controlled burn expands outside its intended area.

To check out weather forecasts, Adams recommended using the National Weather Service website at, or calling the Albuquerque weather service office at (888) 386-7637.

Adams said factors to consider when planning a controlled burn include what will be burned, when the burn will start and when it will be over. In addition, he said, consideration should be given to smoke, wind speed and direction, and humidity.

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