Longhorns split wins with the visiting Red Devils

By Thomas Garcia

QCS Senior Writer

The Logan Longhorns split wins Friday night with the visiting Springer Red Devils.

The (15-3) Lady Longhorns’ fast-paced game play and constant attacking of the ball on defense, combined with the Lady Red Devils short bench, resulted in the 53-37 win for Logan Friday night.

“We had silly fouls that kept them in the game, and we didn’t shoot with confidence from the line,” said Clair Rachor, Lady Longhorns head coach.

Rachor said he was proud of how the girls played, he just felt their errors helped keep Springer alive.

Early on, the (10-6) Lady Red Devils had managed to put the Lady Horns out of position on defense but as the game progressed they got away from their game plan.

“Usually when we run our offense it helps us to slow the tempo of the game,” said Thomas YBarra, Lady Red Devils head coach.

YBarra said the Longhorns played a great defense and showed a lot of speed, which, in the end, wore the Red Devils down. He said that with his young bench and two guards recovering from illness and injury, it was difficult to keep pace with the Longhorns.

Rachor said his girls are ready to play, and have the drive and skill to make another big run this year in district and the state tournament.

The Lady Longhorns beat the Clayton Lady Yellowjackets 71-58 the following night.

The (9-9) Logan Longhorns fell short 43-39 Friday night against the (9-6) Red Devils.

“Our guys played hard and they did not quit even when there where down by as much as 14 points,” said Rafael Roybal, Longhorns head coach.

The Longhorns made a last minute push in the final period, and put together an 11-point run that shrunk the Red Devils’ double-digit lead to two points.

“We got passive there at the end, I had to stress to the team we can not do that, especially against the Longhorns on their own home court,” said Jimmy Apodaca, Red Devils head coach.

On defense the Red Devils contested the Longhorns shots under the goal and in the paint. On offense the Red Devils had three players who sank two or more three-pointers each, which forced the Longhorns to spread out and cover the perimeter, leaving open the lanes for baskets.

In the second half, however, the Longhorns adapted their defense to cover those inside lanes, limiting the open shots from the outside and pulling back into the game.

Roybal said the Longhorns showed great heart and effort and will push forward, not dwell on this loss.

The Longhorns lost 60-45 the following night to the Clayton Yellowjackets.

The Longhorns next games will be Friday at 3:30 p.m., against Fort Sumner at Logan and Homecoming will be on Saturday at 5:30 p.m., against Grady/House.

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