Quay County Commissioners to prepare for busy fire season

QCS Staff

An award for quality audit reports, a resolution seeking more local control of county road speed limits and a warning about increased fire danger marked Monday’s meeting of the Quay County Commission.

Commission Chair Brad Bryant said the County had received the highest award among small counties for quality audit reports from the New Mexico Office of the State Auditor. The award was based on audit reports for fiscal year 2012 and the two years previous, the most recent audit reports available, Bryant said.

The commission voted to join other counties and the New Mexico Association of Counties in seeking state legislation to ease rules calling for special studies and state approval before county governments can set their own speed limits on county roads.

Commissioner Sue Dowell brought up the issue several times last year in response to concerns from her constituents, who wanted lower speed limits posted on roads that run by homes with children.

In July, Dowell said she brought the matter to the attention of Gov. Susana Martinez, state Rep. Dennis Roch (R-Logan) and state Sen. Pat Woods (R-Broadview) when the three visited Tucumcari.

County Fire Marshal Donald Adams said that according to the federal Department of the Interior, Quay County and the rest of Eastern New Mexico should prepare for a busy fire season, due to above-normal wildland fire potential in the area. The main reason is continued drought conditions, he said.

Adams handed out maps showing Eastern New Mexico marked among areas in which “drought persists or intensifies.”

Adams also told the commission about plans to set up an alert system for volunteer firefighters. The system would use cell phone text features as well as existing hand-held radios to alert them of a fire emergency.

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