Make your own interpretation of words but keep it simple

Playing with words has been a favorite pastime since I can remember.

Because Mother and Grandmother were eager for me to learn new words, they spent much time helping me. They also wanted me to learn to memorize nursery rhymes and kept me entertained with the fun of trying to rhyme words. As a result of that effort, they taught me to love reading and writing poetry once I began to hold a pencil.

Although I rarely share any my poetry any more, I still enjoy playing with words and rhymes. They give me something to do in my spare time and let me express some of the sentimental feelings that come to mind.

“A Poem to the Canyons”

To stand upon the edge,

To stare across the ledge,

To hear the echoes ring

As true memories they bring,

To listen to the beautiful sound

From the special scenery all around,

To see our life as it was

And to know still how much it does,

These are the signs of home

That will remain as long as I roam.

They are the thoughts I try to give

To those who know how dear life is to live.

In learning a little about writing of any kind, I have tried to employ simplicity to

make life easier for me and for the reader. A reader can always come up with many different interpretations even for the simplest statements, but if he tries to do so when he is reading any of my work, he is really wasting a lot of time because the simple words speak for themselves just as they do for me. I used to get a little excited when people would tell me what certain statements in literature meant to them and I couldn’t begin to agree with their interpretation. I thought we should be free to decipher our own meanings as we read along.

Well, we are, but some of the great writers really worked hard to include hidden meanings and to make various interpretations necessary for our full understanding of the work. I admire and respect them for all those efforts, but I wish some of them had just said what they thought in words we could understand.

Let’s just keep playing with words and avoid creating too much confusion.


Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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