Tucumcari candidates seeking common goals

By Steve Hansen

QCS Managing Editor

If the stated intentions of Tucumcari City Commission candidates are any indication, the city seems headed for a time of common goal-seeking and efforts toward unity after months of factional division.

This after stormy months that have included firing, then rehiring City Manager Doug Powers, and recall elections.

Competitors for the seats up for election in March seem to be sounding more common themes in their campaigns than dissenting ones. There are contests in all three districts whose commission seats are in contention.

The most entries are in District 5, where Mayor Amiel Curnutt has decided against seeking a third term. There are four contestants for his seat — Nitin Bhakta, John Mihm, Lorenzo Emillio and Wilfredo Gonzalez.

Incumbents in District 3 and District 4 are facing challengers. In District 3, Ernest Dominguez is facing opposition from Edward S. Perea and Ruth Ann Litchfield. District 4’s Robert Lumpkin has been challenged by Thomas Even.

Most candidates have expressed a need for unity on the City Commission and have pledged to work toward common purpose with other commissioners. Most have cited the current impression of disunity on the commission as a threat to the city’s ability to attract a racetrack/casino and other businesses.

Even and Gonzalez have not commented to the Quay County Sun on their candidacies.

In various order, all of the candidates have listed jobs, economic development and improving the city’s appearance as high-priority goals.

Some list other priorities including opposition to drug crime (Mihm), renewable and natural gas energy development (Lumpkin), restoring pride in the community (Bhakta), protect waste supplies, (Dominguez), increasing tourism (Perea) and reversing a decline in population (Litchfield).

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