District 2 candidates quizzed by commissioners

By Steve Hansen

QCS Managing Editor

The Tucumcari City Commission interviewed both candidates Thursday seeking appointment to the City Commission. The one candidate selected will replace Commissioner Jimmy Sandoval, who was recalled in a special election Jan. 2. The commission is expected to announce a decision Feb. 27.

Candidates seeking the appointment are Jonathan Brito, 22, and Amy Gutierrez, 41.

Third District Commissioner Ernest Dominguez asked each what they would bring to the commission and what they would do differently.

Gutierrez said she would come with “no personal agenda” and said she would “first and foremost work with other commissioners as a whole.”

Brito said he would bring an attitude of caring about the city and said he would have a good attitude toward all citizens.

First District Commissioner Dora Salinas-McTigue who chairs city commission meetings. Brito said the mayor; Gutierrez did not answer the questions.

McTigue asked what form of government is Tucumcari. Neither could answer.

Tucumcari is a commissioner-manager form of government. The mayor presides over city commission meetings.

Mayor Amiel Curnutt asked the candidates what each does for a living and asked whether their jobs would affect their availability for essential city business.

Brito said he is a behavior management specialist for Turquoise Health and Wellness and works with children from 3 years through high school. He said he anticipates his supervisors will allow him flexibility to perform commissioner duties.

Gutierrez is operations supervisor at the First National Bank of New Mexico, she said, and does not anticipate problems in performing commissioner duties.

Gutierrez ran against Sandoval in 2012 and lost by a single vote in a 36-to-35-vote race.

Robert Lumpkin, District 4, did not ask questions of the candidates, but thanked them for their interest.

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