Thank those who continue to work to improve our city

After having expressed our appreciation to the city and her employees for the great job they did in painting one of the rooms in the museum and rearranging exhibits, several people mentioned that we should also thank them for the improvements they have made at the cemetery. Although we have admired the graceful elm trees for years, they had begun to die and to detract from the natural beauty out there.

Fortunately, a number of employees were released from their usual duties to help remove those trees and to begin to spruce up the whole area. Many of those elms were as old as the cemetery and had grown to great heights since the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps had planted them. They were planted as seedlings and spent their lives adding to the beauty of the cemetery. As you look at some of the remaining stumps, you can see how large they became.

Luckily, Mayor Lumpkin works with wood and had many of those large trunks moved to his area so he could work on them at his leisure. The others were scattered around town and will be turned into chips to help with the groundwork at the cemetery. Some of the evergreens also needed to be removed because the drought had ruined them.

Now, if we could only get rid of the goatheads and plant some grass, we would be back to the time when that really was a park. Also, it only we could have some moisture, we would see a major difference. Whereas, the sprinkler system was a major addition; it does not reach many of the areas, thus allowing the grass to die and the tumble weeds to grow.

The committee that was appointed to help with suggestions for improvements has done a very good job and can be seen driving around looking for other ways to bring back that original beauty. All too often, we tend to criticize instead of compliment and that tends to add to negative attitudes that crop up at times. If we would take the time to look, we would note the improvements and could thank all the people who have worked out there for the work they have done, often without being compensated.

Most people just naturally work harder if their work is noticed and praised. Employers also notice that their employees do well when they are complimented rather than criticized for their efforts. Let’s just drive around town to note some of the improvements and to make suggestions about some that need to be made. By watching the city crews at work, we can see how skilled they are and can be proud of them for the accomplishments. A “Thank you,” surely lifts the spirits and makes most of us want to work just a little harder.


Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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