Quay County is still beautiful after years of changes

My friends, Yvette Peacock and Elizabeth Morris took Prissy and me on another long drive Sunday afternoon to let us all look at a lot of our history. We went to Forrest first so I could reminisce about that first year of my teaching career which began there in 1955. They took a lot of pictures, let Prissy do some walking, and listened to more stories of the past than they ever wanted to hear.

That really was a great year and was the best place in which to begin my career. I could still visualize the students in the class rooms and could hear their laughter in the halls. Some of them came into Tucumcari the next year because the high school had closed. Thus, I was privileged to teach several of them for more than one year. I still see several of them on occasion and am pleased at what wonderful people the have become.

We then went to McAlister and browsed briefly. Fortunately for the girls, I didn’t have many stories to tell there so we went on to House where I could make up for lost time because I had attended the fifth and sixth grades there and had made many wonderful friends. After they had heard more than they needed to, we drove on to Hassell. Of course, I had a tale or two about every placed we passed. We were on that road a lot when I was in school and probably stopped at each of them whenever

when we had flats, which was a daily occurance because of the tire situation during the war.

When we reached the lma School, we turned to come back to town so the girls could rest their ears. Of course, I had at least one story about each house we passed. Although few people live in that area now, each place was occupied when we lived out there. Just to pass Jordan and realize I grew up with the correct Southern pronunciation of Jerden made me feel good. One of the originals called to explain that a while back to let me know I wasn’t wrong for a change.

Seeing the green wheat fields along the way also made us all feel better. If only some wheat can be made, we can all celebrate. We even saw a few cattle along the way and they surely brought back many pleasant memories because we used to see herds in almost every pasture.

Despite some of the changes, ours is still the most beautiful county in the state, and I hope the girls learn to appreciate it as much as I do. Perhaps, if I let them look without having to listen, they will.


Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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