Housing rate rises

QCS Staff

Rents are rising by 35 percent on June 1 for residents of public housing units in Tucumcari whose annual income is at or above federal minimums, according to Viki Riddle, executive director of the Tucumcari Housing Authority.

The rent increases are mandatory under federal Dept. of Housing and Urban Development rules, Riddle said. The Tucumcari Housing Authority board approved the increases on Thursday.

The higher rents —the first that HUD has ordered increases since 2006—affect 90 housing units in the city’s public housing areas but not privately owned units whose rent is subsidized for qualifying low income households under Section 8 of the Federal Housing Act, Riddle said.

The new public housing rent levels represent 80 percent of private market rents for similar units in the area, Riddle said.

For a family of four earning $37,750 or more and living in a three-bedroom public housing unit, the rent will be $594, starting June 1. Current rent is $440.

For a two-bedroom unit, that same family will pay $483 starting June 1. Current rent for a two-bedroom unit is $358.

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