Lynn Moncus appreciated as an icon and a friend

JerreneMugJerrene Bradley


This has to be one of the hardest things I have been asked to do,  but then again I

am honored to talk about Lynn Moncus because she has been a part of my life since

even before I was born.

Lynn was one of my mother’s school teachers and my mom always spoke very highly of her and as I have grown older I have been and still am privileged to be able to call this amazing woman my friend.  Lynn has called me her “grand-student” for several years now and she is a huge part of who I am today.

Lynn is one of our pioneer women.  She has seen many things in her lifetime and has shared many stories about her life over the years in the columns she published in our newspaper.

Through these columns, readers of many generations have grown up in our county and state

able to witness what kind of life Lynn has lived and still enjoys.

She was raised in Ima and grew up playing in the canyons with her imaginary friends and witnessing the struggles and triumphs that she and her family endured, along with those of other farmers and ranchers in the canyon country.

Her family and friends are very precious to her and close to her heart, and anyone who

knows this dear lady understands how much she loves those people.

Lynn has always been an icon in and around the state of New Mexico. She has traveled overseas many times and loves to tell stories about her travels.  I have spent a lot of time with Lynn and I am still privileged to enjoy sitting and listening to all of the stories she has to tell about all of her adventures while growing up at Ima, as well as the escapades and experiences she has had since that time.

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