Local students medal at state meet

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Area high schools’ boys and girls track teams made a strong showing May 9-10  at the A-AA State Track and Field event,  bringing three gold, six sliver  and four bronze medals home to Quay County.

Individuals and teams from House, Logan, San Jon and Tucumcari, boys and girls, competed in the state meet at the University of New Mexico Track and Field Complex in Albuquerque.

Tucumcari Lady Rattlers junior Abigaile Jimenez and sophomore Melissa Gardea proved to be among each other’s toughest competitors as Jimenez won gold medals in shot put and discus, with Gardea placing third in shot put and second in discus.  Jimenez won shot-put gold in AA competition with a throw of 36 feet, 2.25 inches. Gardea placed third in the same event with a throw of 33 feet, 7.5 inches.

Jimenez won a second gold medal and state championship in discus with a throw of 104 feet, 11 inches. Only seven inches seperated Jimenez’s throw from Gardea’s second place throw of 104 feet, 4 inches.

Jimenez proved to be a triple threat, placing third in the 100-meter dash. Rattlers junior Marcus Chavez brought home a silver medal in the AA discus event.

The Logan Longhorns’ relay teams secured two A state championships in the 400-meter and 800-meter relays.

The team of Mike Estrada, Dennis Earle, Tyler Mehl, and Wyatt Strand won the 400-meter event with a time of 45.06.  The team of Kristofer Cordova,Earle, Mehl, and Strand won the 800-meter relay with a time of 1:34.26..

The Longhorns and Lady Longhorns brought home silver medals in the girls’ 800-meter relay, the boys’ 400-meter dash, boys’ long jump and boys’ 1,600 meter relay.

The girls’ 800-meter relay team consisted of Lauryn Roberts, Shana Sorrels, Kaylee Foote, McKenna Stone.  Their time, 1:51.70.

The Longhorns Kristofer Cordova won silver in the boys’ 400-meter dash with a time of 52.14.

Wyatt Strand of the Longhorns won silver in the boys’ long jump with a leap of 20 feet, 2 inches. The Logan boys’ 1600-meter relay team of Estrada, Trey Daniels, Earle, and Cordova took silver with a time of 3:33.40..

the Longhorns’ Earle placed third in the boys discus event with a throw of  122 feet, 3 inches. The  Logan boys’ 1,600 sprint medley team of Brinton Roach, Mehl, Earle, and Larramy Roberts won third with a time of 3:52.88.


A-AA State Track and Field individual and team results



Class A




11. Riley Young, San Jon,  72 feet and 3 inches


High Jump

8. Leah Taylor, Logan, 4 feet and 6 inches


Pole Vault

5. Baylee Hines, Logan, 8 feet


Shot Put

8. Shana Sorrels, Logan, 27 feet and 4.25 inches

10. Riley Young, San Jon, 26 feet and 10.25 inches


Long Jump

4. McKenna Stone, Logan, 15 feet and 9 inches

7. Kaylee Foote, Logan, 15 feet



14. Brooke Rachor, Logan, 84 feet and 3 inches

15. Kyeli Stowe, House, 79 feet and 3 inches


200-meter dash

6. McKenna Stone, Logan, 29.04


1600-meter run

14. Shaylee Moon, House, 7:14.63


800-meter relay

2. Logan, Lauryn Roberts, Shana Sorrels, Kaylee Foote, McKenna Stone, 1:51.70


1600-meter relay

5. Logan, Kaylee Foote, Brooke Rachor, Shana Sorrels, McKenna Stone, 4:28.60







Triple Jump

11. Josh Benavidez, San Jon, 36 feet and 7.25 inches

14. Larramy Roberts, Logan, 33 feet and 11.25 inches


High Jump

8. Wyatt Strand, Logan, 5 feet and seven inches



3. Dennis Earle, Logan, 122 feet and 3 inches

13. Chris Roberts, Logan, 104 feet and 10 inches

15. Gage Conway, San Jon, 103 feet and 8 inches


Long Jump

2. Wyatt Strand, Logan, 20 feet and 2 inches

12. Tyler Mehl, Logan, 17 feet and 11 inches


Pole Vault

5. Mike Estrada, Logan, 11 feet and six inches


Shot Put

12. Dylan Bryant, San Jon, 34 feet and 7 inches



13. Chris Roberts, Logan, 106 feet and 4 inches


100-meter dash

5. Tyler Mehl, Logan, 11.90


200-meter dash

5. Wyatt Strand, Logan, 24.18

7. Kristofer Cordova, Logan, 24.37


400-meter dash

2. Kristofer Cordova, Logan, 52.14


300-meter hurdles

4. Mike Estrada, Logan, 42.98

7. Joseph Benavidez, San Jon, 44.62


1600 sprint medley

3. Logan, Brinton Roach, Tyler Mehl, Dennis Earle, Larramy Roberts, 3:52.88


400-meter relay

1. Logan, Mike Estrada, Dennis Earle, Tyler Mehl, Wyatt Strand, 45.06


800-meter relay

1. Logan, Kristofer Cordova, Dennis Earle, Tyler Mehl, Wyatt Strand, 1:34.26


1600-meter relay

2. Logan, Mike Estrada, Trey Daniels, Dennis Earle, Kristofer Cordova, 3:33.40









Class AA




1. Abigaile Jimenez, Tucumcari, 104 feet and 11 inches

2. Melissa Gardea, Tucumcari, 104 feet and 4 inches


Shot Put

1. Abigaile Jimmenez, Tucumcari, 36 feet and 2.25 inches

3. Melissa Gardea, Tucumcari, 33 feet and 7.5 inches


100-meter dash

3. Abigaile Jimenez, Tucumcari, 13.40


800-meter run

15. Sierra Sandoval, Tucumcari, 2:45.43


3200-meter run

12. Crystal Hernandez, Tucumcari, 13:21.36








2. Marcus Chavez, Tucumcari, 136 feet and 4 inches


Shot Put

4. Marcus Chavez, Tucumcari, 45 feet and 4.5 inches


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