County gives nod to 40-cent raise

QCS Staff

County employees will receive a 40-cents-per-hour increase across the board, except for elected officials and the county manager, for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, according to the preliminary budget that the Quay County Commission approved on Tuesday.

County employees, however, will also pay 10 percent more for health insurance premiums in the fiscal year, County Manager Richard Primrose said.  Currently, the county pays 60 percent of health care premiums, while employees pay 40 percent.  The preliminary budget is not the final budget, Primrose said.  That budget must be approved by July 31.

The commssion also approved a $383,763 budget for Quay County Regional Dispatch Center, which now must also be approved by the city of Tucumcari, Primrose said.  The dispatch center’s board of directors already approved the budget.  City and county officials are considering a special election to impose a one-quarter cent of gross receipts tax in the county to pay for much of the dispatch center’s budget.

Currently, the city of Tucumcari and county government each  pay 45 percent of the dispatch center’s costs, with the remaining 10 percent coming from other communities, including Logan, San Jon and others, that use the center for emergency response communications.

The commission also approved a five-year cooperative service agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services unit.  The services include elimination of feral hogs and coyotes, which attack livestock, Primrose said.  Ron Jones performs these service in Quay County, he said. Under the plan, the county pays $34,500 per year for these services, Primrose said.




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