Founders of our country triumphed by following God

By Debra Whittington

Religion Columnist

While it is common knowledge that the war to gain independence from Great Britain was fought over 200 years ago, history has conveniently forgotten the hardships endured in the name of freedom.

During the years between the Boston Tea Party and the surrender at Yorktown, the men who led the revolution and participated in the Continental Congress lived in danger of losing their lives. Most of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were far from the battlefield and yet there were those among that illustrious assembly who lost all their worldly possessions, and eventually even their lives.

Of the 56 signers of the historic document, five were supposedly captured and tortured to death by the British. Two lost sons in battle, while two other sons were captured.  Some had to sell everything to pay off debts while others lost their possessions to looters. Thomas Nelson Jr.’s  whose home near Yorktown was destroyed when the British took it over.

High ideals, a desire for freedom from tyranny, and a promise of a better life were the catapults that started the war. However it was God who gave the early patriots the courage and faith to endure hardships of bitter cold, starvation, and despair. Without God, this nation wouldn’t exist today. While you are enjoying your celebrations on Independence Day, pause a moment and give thanks for the men and women who set out on an unknown course and followed God.

The history books of today are selective in their presentation of the events that shaped our nation. They ignore or skim over the events of American history, that point toward the providence of God. Overlooked are the numerous hours of prayer that our forefathers spent before they even began planning for the establishment of the new nation.  What began as a disorganized group of farmers, merchants, and others was transformed into an army that took on what was then the most powerful army in the world. It reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. David was victorious because God was with him. At Valley Forge, the troops suffered terrible hardships, but they survived through faith and prayer.

While our country is currently fighting a war in Afghanistan, we are fighting a more critical war on the home front. The war against apathy is tearing us apart from within and religious liberties are under attack. It is time to turn back to the basics that made our country great. We need to teach our young people not to rely only on the things they hear in the media, but to dig deeper for the whole truth.

The truth of our country’s heritage is available for anyone who wants to know the truth. A series of helpful DVDs is available from Wallbuilders for those who want to investigate our country’s religious past.

Even with all the problems our country is experiencing, I am still a flag-waving patriot who believes this is the greatest nation on earth. It is up to each individual to search for the whole truth so we can live a better informed life. As Paul stated in Galatians 5:1: “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free…” Start your own search for that truth that will make you truly free.


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