The ‘tail’ of two kitties and the adventures to come

Thomas Garcia

By Thomas Garcia

QCS Columnist

Well,  I’ve got two new additions to my household, two male cats named Toby and Brownie.

I named the first cat Toby because my mom asked me to name him Toby, only now she says it was more like a suggestion than a request.

Toby is part Siamese and, as has been documented, is very vocal when hungry, thirsty, sleepy, excited, well you get the picture. The first couple of nights with him in the house were not a total disaster. See, Toby was hurt and I found him outside the office.

After a stay at the Tucumcari Animal Hospital and some encouragement from friends I decided to adopt the little guy and give him a home—a home which he ran around in for about three hours meowing at the top of his lungs.

“Help,” his meowing seemed to say. “Who is this stranger?  Where am I? Why is there so much Green Bay Packers stuff in the living room?”

I’d like to say I was cool, calm and collected, but to be honest, I was texting my friend in a panic convinced that Toby hated me and wanted to run away.

Well, after while he calmed down and even came up to me and let me pet him, and after a few days we were OK.

Well as any cat owner will tell you, if you are gone a lot at work you should get a second cat, so the first cat will have someone to play with while you are gone.

Thus enters Brownie, a four-month-old brown cat. Yes I said brown, as in the color the fall leaves or a brown bear.

I had not seen a brown cat before.  I mean,  I have seen cats with brown spots, but this is a brown cat with white spots on its toes.

The two cats were stand-offish at first and hissed at each other from time to time. After a few hours of the hissing game, though, they decided that they would tolerate each other and commence with cat races around the house.

These races and tackling sessions went on for about six hours. The funny thing is, Toby is about three times larger than Brownie but that doesn’t deter the little brown bomber from running full force and toppling Toby.

It has only been a week that we all have been together and I can only imagine what kind of stories are to come.


Thomas Garcia is a senior writer at the Quay County Sun. He can be reached at tgarcia@

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