A miscalculation of a girl dog in heat

By Karl Terry

CMI Columnist


I grew up on a farm so I learned at a young age about the birds and the bees.

I learned first hand what goes on between girl animals and boy animals when girl animals come into season. But I guess it’s been too long since I was down on the farm.

When we adopted the little stray terrier that now shares my bed a few months ago we knew she was young and not spayed. Since our male dog is neutered and our yard secure I figured we could probably put up with the hassle of her coming in heat.

Big miscalculation.

I’ve had at one or more dogs almost all my life. Dogs have been in my life continuously in adulthood. In that time I’ve had both male and female dogs and the sweetest were spayed females. The most frustrating were unsprayed females.

Why then, when I have no desire for this dog to have puppies would I have put off this operation?

I told my wife one day a few weeks ago that Maggie was coming into heat. She said how do you know — I said trust me, I know. Sure enough a few days later the hormones kicked into high gear and our sweet little dog became a nymphomaniac.

“Why is she trying to hump that pillow,” asked the wife? “Isn’t that what boy dogs do?”

I explained that girl dogs get a little wild when in heat and the behavior isn’t unusual for them either.

She spends more time in the back yard now than when we first got her. In the process she’s about to drive the neighbors’ dogs crazy. I’ve met dogs through the cracks in my back fence that I hadn’t seen in our neighborhood before.

Fortunately the back fence has contained this wayward hussy and repelled all would-be suitors — to the best of my knowledge.

Her daddy-imposed chastity is not making her happy though. She has tried every trick in the book and all her feminine wiles to get some action out of the other resident dog even though he’s lacking in equipment. Give him credit, he’s tried to please her but a considerable size differential has left the two far from a love connection.

Undaunted poor Miss Maggie has turned to a plump stuffed toy monster for satisfaction. I’ll admit it was a little comical looking at first but that has long since worn off and now I’m praying it will all be over soon.

Adding to our woes we discovered that she couldn’t be boarded while we were out of town because of her delicate condition.

Just as soon as we get the chance she will get to visit the veterinary clinic for a little operation.

Calling Dr. Herriot, calling Dr. James Herriot. I need a little help with this great little creature who’s very small.

Karl Terry, a former publisher of the Quay County Sun,  writes for Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at:


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