Letter to the Editor

For the next 18 months, we are going to hear about how sinful, stupid, un-American and crooked one side is while studiously avoiding the critical issues facing the country.

Some prime examples follow.

Republicans predicted the Affordable Care Act would reduce the number of Americans insured. Approximately 16 million have insurance now that were uninsured.

Premiums were supposedly going to  skyrocket. Premium growth has been much slower since the implementation of ACA.

Cost of the program has come well under projections, opposite of what Republicans claim. They still lie about it.

The idea of raising the eligibility for Social Security and Medicare to 69 to save money has been brought up. The Congressional Budget Office said it would save little if any money.

The idea was based on the increasing life expectancy. This increase has been in the affluent. The increase has been only a few years for others.

Supply-side economics will be touted despite the fact that it has been a failure since Reagan brought it up. The only way to judge a person or group is verify what they have done — not what they promise in the future.

Leon Logan


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