Landmark’s demolition nearing


Staff Report

Tucumcari’s efforts to rid the downtown area of the defunct Sands Dorsey building will clear another milestone Thursday as bidding closes for the demolition of the prominent eyesore that has festered at its current condition since 2007.

At the June 4 City Commission meeting, City Manager Jared Langenegger informed commissioners that the bidding for the demolition of the Sands Dorsey building will close at 2 p.m., Thursday with the announcement of the lowest bidder at City Hall.

Langenegger said the bids will be reviewed by Forsgren Engineering of Albuquerque, the firm the city hired in February to oversee demolition of the Sands Dorsey building. He said Forsgren will make sure the firm with the lowest bid is qualified, compliant and certified with the New Mexico Environment Department’s Solid Waste Division to handle the demolition.

Langenegger said he is hoping there will be recommendation for awarding the bid for the demolition on the agenda of City Commission’s June 25 meeting. He said even after the awarding the bid, the winning firm’s proposed demolition plan would still have to be approved by the New Mexico Environment Department’s Solid Waste Division, which could delay clearing of the site.

The Sands Dorsey building, which had been a downtown landmark since its construction in 1917, was vacant when it burned in a fire in 2007.

In previous years, city officials had made efforts to clear the site, but did not have adequate funding for the building’s disposal in the general funds and had been seeking grant funds to do the job.

One of cost issues of the demolition was the transportation of the asbestos-contaminated wastes from the Sands Dorsey site would have had to travel as far as Hobbs, 200 miles away, or Mountainair, 164 miles away. Although, Langenegger said the disposal cost has been reduced with the recent opening of the waste landfill in Clovis that can accommodate asbestos-contaminated materials .

Langenegger told commissioners earlier this that the city could do the job with funds on hand, the result of years of cost-cutting.

In February, commissioners took their first step toward the building demolition, approving a contract with Forsgren Engineering to start planning the destruction and disposal of the building’s remains.

Langenegger said Forsgren’s tasks were to assemble an action plan that was approved by the Environmental Department, put together bid documents with technical specifications on the project to lure contractors to perform the work. He said the project was put out to bid on May 27. There was a pre-bid meeting on June 9 where interested firms were able to visit and review the site.

Other items before the commission:
• Approved the 2015-16 Litter Control and Beautification Grant for $8,450.
• Approved contract 2015-16-68040, the Nutrition Service Incentive Program Agreement for $36,134 (senior centers raw food purchase).
• Approved contract 2015-16-6-40, the Direct Purchase of Services Vendor Agreement for $333,633 (senior center).
• Approved amending grant agreement 2014-118 for $45,300 (senior center meal equipment).
• Approved funding for the Chamber of Commerce ($48,453); Tucumcari Alumni Association, Inc. ($7,840) and MainStreet Fired Up! ($10,000).

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