Mesalands’ wind students accepted to internship

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Four of Mesalands Community College’s Wind Energy Technology Program students participated with interns from other colleges in the Granite Services International, Inc. Wind Technician Internship Program.

The internship program offered by Granite Services International, Inc., an affiliate of General Electric, has been key in helping students secure employment in the wind industry, upon obtaining their degree in this field.

Daniel Garcia of Willard, Trae Jelinek of Elizabeth, Colorado, Elijah Martinez of Rio Rancho and Parker Thomas of Alamogordo took part in the indoctrination training at the North American Wind Research and Training Center at Mesalands.

Martinez said he has prior experience climbing the college’s wind turbine, however, he looks forward to working on a wind farm and having to climb multiple turbines daily during this internship program.

“I was really interested in the professional experience that this internship would offer,” Martinez said. “For me personally, I also think this would be a great way to find out if this is something I really want to do and something I can physically do. I’m pretty sure it will turn out that I will love what I do, but this internship is definitely the best way to find out. That’s why right out the gate, I’m going to pick the job of a turbine maintenance technician, because you get the most hours and it’s the most physically challenging job.”

Participants in this paid summer program with Granite International must be pursuing a two-year wind/renewable technology degree from one of their partnered colleges.

Participants must also submit a cover letter, a resume, a letter describing why they are applying for the internship, a letter of recommendation, and college transcripts demonstrating a minimum 2.8 GPA. After completing the internship program successfully, participants must maintain their GPA, obtain their degree, and then be guaranteed full-time employment with Granite International.

“The college feels fortunate that it is one of only five wind training programs in the country, that Granite has selected for possible candidates for their internship program.

The technicians hired by Granite from this program have become recognized within the company for their skills and professionalism,” said Jim Morgan, director of the NAWRTC.

Shane Ferreira of Estancia, participated in the program last year and in May, he obtained an associate of Applied Science degree in wind energy technology from Mesalands. After earning his degree and successfully completing the internship program, Ferreira was offered a job with the company. He was also accepted into the GE commissioning school in New York.

Since 2009, wind energy technology students from Mesalands have been selected each year for this summer internship program. Each participant was also offered full-time employment with Granite, following the completion of their associate’s degree in wind energy technology.

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