Helena Rodriguez: Menudos for the soul


By Helena Rodriguez

Guest Columnist

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing and that makes me want to give a thumbs up and grito (shout out) to some of the things that make me proud to be Hispanic.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is Sept. 15-Oct. 15.

I call my list of things that make me proud to be Hispanic my “Menudos for the Soul.”

I have shared some with you before. They are warm-hearted snippets from my culture that make me go “Aah” or “ay-yea-yea-yea-yeah!” in my mariachi grito.

“Menudos for the Soul” provide comfort and pride. Feel free to share some of your own “Menudos for the Soul” with me. Here are mine:

• Remembering when the Oval Office knew how to throw a “pachanga,” with George W. Bush turning the White House into a fiesta during Hispanic Heritage Month. Even the Viva Obama Mariachi is nowhere to be found now that Obama is a lame duck.

• Watching my granddaughter, Genavecia, pat her baby doll’s back while lovingly saying, “Ya! Ya! Ya!” like her mom does to her.

• Jeb Bush ignoring Donald Trump’s criticism about speaking Spanish on the campaign trail and saying, “Todos son Americanos,” (We are all Americans).

• Having visions of sugar plums, and of making tamales this Christmas, with my son-in-law Nino, and sweet memories of making tamales with Grandpa Chaya at Mom and Dad’s house in Portales.

• Hearing my grandson, Giovanni, wanting to watch the “Selena” movie over and over again like Laura did as a child.

• Learning to make handmade rosaries with my friends, Josie Cruz, Frances Daniel and the other ladies at the Knights of Columbus.

• Seeing that Donald Trump is more wanted now than Chapo Guzman

• Seeing that Tony Romo still has some of his abuelita’s “chorizo power.” A Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl just may be more than “un sueño” this year.

• Remembering the good ole days at the old Boot Hill in Clovis, seeing Grupo Mazz, La Fiebre, Ruben Ramos and other Tejano favorites perform live.

• Awaiting the release of Mattel’s new mariachi Barbie to buy for Gena.

• Most eagerly awaiting the first United States visit by our first Latin American pope, Pope Francis on Sept. 26. The Vatican “Se habla Español.”

• Watching the Spanglish animated movie, “The Book of Life” with my grandson, Giovanni, featuring Gabriel Iglesias, Placido Domingo and plenty of mariachi madness.

Helena Rodriguez is a Portales native. Contact her at: Helena-Rodriguez@hotmail.com

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