San Jon has bye week: Rattlers, Longhorns on hunt

Rattlers quarterback Tyler Ferguson jumps in celebration as wide receiver Zedric Henderson Greene runs ahead of the Demon defenders for the offense's only scoring play during Friday's 50-8 loss to Dexter at Rattler Stadium.

Rattlers quarterback Tyler Ferguson jumps in celebration as wide receiver Zedric Henderson Greene runs ahead of the Demon defenders for the offense’s only
scoring play during Friday’s 50-8 loss to Dexter at Rattler Stadium.

By Thomas Garcia
QCS Senior Writer

The Tucumcari Rattlers, 1-3, are not giving up on the season.

They are going to work on limiting mental errors, following through on fundamentals and playing the kind of football the coaches know they are capable of playing, said head coach Wayne Ferguson.

Ferguson said the team is a little banged up and the team knows that they have to put the latest loss to rest and find a way to motivate each other for Friday game against the Fort Sumner Foxes at Rattler Stadium.

“This coach staff has not stopped believing in you,” Ferguson said during Monday’s practice.

Ferguson said the team needs to work on making better tackles and watching the play develop while not over-pursuing when defending. He said over-pursuing the play is what led to the Dexter Demons scoring on a 55-yard reverse rush.

Ferguson said the Foxes have speed in their backfield, with a set of running backs the Rattlers will have to contain. He said an added issue is the Foxes have a big and physical offensive line, which works hard to create for the running backs.

Ferguson said Friday night’s 50-8 loss was not to a team that is more skilled than the Rattlers. The loss was prompted by the Rattlers getting down and taking themselves out of the game.

Dexter had a total of 391 yards of offense: 194 rushing and 197 passing. The Demons also had 90 penalty yards in the first half.

The Demons scored first with a 10-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Dominic Lomeli to wide receiver Mario Conteras.

The Demons were able to move the ball, but penalties would move them back and negate a large gain several times in their first period; 50 of the Demons’ 90 yards in penalties came in the first quarter.

The Rattlers’ first score of the game came from a blocked punt in the end zone recovered by Antonio Norton Jr., for the safety. The Demons were punting the ball on a fourth and 50.

Following the punt by the Demons, the Rattlers scored on a 39-yard pass play from quarterback Tyler Ferguson to Zedric Henderson Greene.

The game was tied 8-8 until the Demons reversed a running play and rushed 55 yards for a touchdown. The Demons recovered the ball from an onside kick and scored three plays later on a 53-yard pass from Lomeli to Conteras.

Ferguson said the Rattlers are a better football team than what they displayed Friday. He said the team has the ability to make a strong run in the next seven games.

Game time: 7 p.m., Friday at Rattler Stadium.


The Logan Longhorns, 1-2, continue to work on getting in sync on the football field as they prepare to take on the 2-2 Bears Friday at Cloudcroft.

The Longhorns lost 52-0 to the Buffaloes on Friday at Melrose. The 4-0 Buffaloes have been rolling through the 8-man field and continue a strong performance a year after defeating the Longhorns in the 8-man state championship game.

The loss to the Buffaloes came one week after the Longhorns beat the Dora/Elida Coyotes 56-6 on Sept. 11 at Logan.

The Longhorns have only played three games this season; their first game against the Tatum Coyotes was canceled due to weather.

“The team is working to get into their groove, its going to be a process and does not happen over night,” said Kene Terry, Longhorns head coach.

Terry said the team is going to continue working on getting back to playing its game. He said when the Longhorns play up to their ability, they are a formidable team.

Game time: 7 p.m., Friday at Cloudcroft.


The Grady/San Jon Coyotes continue to rout their opponents, beating the New Mexico School for the Deaf Roadrunners 64-0 Friday at Santa Fe.

The top-ranked Coyotes will have a bye until Oct. 2 when they play the Longhorns at Roy.

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