Commissioners OK a $170,000 software system

By Thomas Garcia
QCS Senior Writer

Quay County commissioners approved an upgrade Monday of the Tyler Software system used by the County Treasurer’s and Assessor’s offices.

The current system is not going to receive an update from Tyler Systems and both the Treasurer’s and Assessor’s office will be unable to submit property tax collection file to the state, said County Treasurer Patsy Gresham.

The county still has a portion of the capital outlay money from 2015 that has been approved for a reauthorization by the Department of Finance Authority, said  Richard Primrose, county manager.

Primrose said the new system will cost $170,000 and the re-authorized capital outlay funds will cover $100,000 of that cost. He said the remaining $70,000 has been worked into the county budget.

The county needs to be 100 percent sure the DFA is going to honor the reauthorization and the county is not going to have to cover the entire cost of the upgrade, said District 1 Commissioner Sue Dowell.

Dowell said, “I may be the only one worried but there have been instances where Santa Fe has said they were going to do something or honor an agreement and then failed to follow through.”

“There is not much we can do, this is a upgrade that is not only needed its necessary for our Treasurer’s and Assessor’s office to continue operations,” said Mike Cherry, District 2 commissioner.

Primrose said all that the county is waiting for is the forms to be sent from the DFA to be filled out and returned to the DFA. He said it is a process of getting the documents from the DFA for the funds to be approved for the use on this expenditure by the county.

Gresham said in the past two days, the Treasurer’s Office had collected $525,000 in property taxes.

The commission approved the upgrade by two votes; Cherry and Commission Chair Franklin McCasland, with Dowell abstaining from the vote.

Dowell did not state a reason for abstaining.

Commissioners also discussed the possibility of upgrading their meeting packets from paper to a digital format.

Chief Deputy County Clerk Ellen White addressed commissioners about the advantages of a digital commission packet with a recent approved records requirement by the New Mexico Commission on Public Records.

McCasland said having a digital commissioner’s packet available online at the county website would improve commission transparency with the media and the public. He said the public and media would be able to click on the packet and see the same documents we see as a commissioner.

McCasland said the commission will work with the county manager on the necessary changes needed to convert to the digital packets.

Other items, commissioners:
• Approved the Special Management Housing Policy for the Quay County Detention Center. T.J. Rich, QCDC administrator, presented the policy to the commission, explaining that this portion of the policy would bring the staff and facility up to date on the new requirements by the New Mexico Association of Counties. He said the mental health contract that was tabled was not included in this policy and will be brought before the commission at a later date.
• Approved the voting technician contract.
• Approved Resolution 13-2016 regarding polling places.
• Approved Resolution 12-2016 supporting the 2016 legislative priorities of the New Mexico Association of Counties.
• Held an executive session for threatened or pending litigation. Commissioners took no action.

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